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Tips for printing.                     Certificate below


DO NOT try to print directly from the web site - the graphic prints out larger than the page when you try that.


Save the file to your computer in a folder you will be able to locate easily.


If you would like to modify the graphic and add your name in a font that coordinates with those used they are -

  • AucoinLight for the "Certificate of Achievement", the paragraph, "We Celebrate Your Faith".
  • AucoinExtBol for the Large Month
  • Footlight MT Light for "Proudly Present"
  • Wendy Medium - for "Women of the Breastfeeding Support Community"

When printing remember to choose landscape. If you have the option choose "Center on page".  DO NOT choose "Fit to Page" It will distort the graphic.


If you have the option of "Better" or "Photo Quality" printing choose that. If not normal looks pretty good too.


ENJOY!!! We are celebrating your milestones with you and are so glad that you have reached this particular milestone!!